Welcome to Three Sisters Woodshop

Have a small quilt or hooked rug you want to show off?  Check out our compression type quilt hangers.  You won’t find this wall hanger anywhere else.

Need a practical gift for a birthday, wedding or an anniversary?  The next time they serve crackers and cheese to their guests they can do so in one of my unique cracker holders.  Made from a solid piece of oak, cherry, walnut or red cedar, they are just as beautiful and also functional.

Crack a nut with a bolt?  That’s what you do with our unique nutcracker shaped like a nut and bolt.  Not only is it functional, but interesting to look at and fun to use.  Placed on your coffee table with a bowl of walnuts, this nutcracker usually becomes a conversation piece.

There is something timeless and mesmerizing about watching sand slowly flow through an hourglass. I have designed several unique 60 minute hourglasses that would truly add character to your coffee table or mantle.